A couple of years ago I launched the Be Splendid  campaign.  Everywhere I looked I saw “Keep Calm and Carry On” and whilst it was faintly amusing (with the many variations of course) it did not really capture the essence of Steampunk for me,

Be Splendid is really just a development and expansion on the “one true rule”; be nice to one another.  It goes further though and hopefully fits into the mindset of a steampunk a little better.  It has a threefold message.

Be Splendid in all your interactions with other people.  Behave courteously and respectfully and you should expect the same in return.  Be kind in your comments and judgements and encouraging in your critiques.  Be  willing to help, advise, facilitate and encourage.

Be Splendid in how you present yourself.  Dress well and don’t be afraid to express yourself.  Don’t however demand that people pay you attention nor deliberately go out to shock or embarrass. Demonstrate good manners in your greetings and dealings etc.

Be Splendid in everything you create.  This is a creative hobby so strive to always improve upon your skills and what you have created.  Don’t be disappointed or give up if you cannot realise your dreams but persist and try again.  Remember creativity is not just about making objects, it includes writing, music, assembling outfits etc from component parts even the creation of social gatherings and events.

As an underlying philosophy it explains some of my previous posts.   It is not very splendid to make assumptions and stereotype people based on simply being judgemental.  Nor is it splendid to insult people with offensive remarks.   Attempting to put people down and inflate your own sense of self worth as an “uber-punk” might can never be considered to be splendid.  Attempts at politics, control etc – are these splendid creations? Hardly.

Be Splendid has become a rallying cry and popular greeting/farewell for steampunks.  It is not an attempt at control or foisting an ideology onto people but is an exhortation to be positive and to do your best.  I strive to Be Splendid as my approach to steampunk.  Of course I fail. I am human. Even so the effort is what matters – that and not giving up.


Largely because I enjoy being around so many very Splendid people.